"John has provided invaluable service to me and the organizations I've served. I've engaged in his services several times over the last 10 years. He is extremely knowledgeable about maintenance and reliability philosophy methods. John is an exceptional teacher and communicator. He is that rare person that can relate to people of at all levels of an organization. He brings a deep understanding of the challenges in the trenches and how they effect an organization's bottom line."

-Brian Lenderink


"This is the best training I've ever been a part of.  John Ross is a great teacher who not only knows maintenance and reliability but how to be a leader in an organization.  Anyone in maintenance and reliability would greatly benefit from this class!"

-Justyn Dudeck


"John, just finished it! [Cover Your A$$ets, Asset Management at Your Place and at Your Pace].  Awesome and so applicable.  Thank you for putting what’s in your head on paper, the M&R community will benefit greatly from this book, as they are from your last book! [The Reliability Excellence Workbook, From Ideas to Action]. Both have a prominent spot in my library.”  "

– Gary Rigdon, CMRP


"John is a quintessential reliability “teaching” consultant who mixes value added material, subject matter knowledge, anecdotal stories related to the subject, and humor, together into attention riveting speech. I have personally worked in the reliability field for the past 38 years, traveled and taught globally, and can vouch that John is one of the best I have ever worked with and learned from. He has a natural ability to take probing questions or tight situations and turn them into clarifying teaching moments."

- Michael R Nelson, Asset Management Director 
Schreier Industrial Services 


"He is often asked for by name because of his favorable reputation within the maintenance and reliability community. John really has a way of connecting with people and bringing his knowledge and interactive skills together achieving meaningful and valuable results. The best compliment I have ever received in my new role as a consultant came from a client who had previously worked with John, saying I was in the same class as John Ross. I consider that a great honor! I deeply appreciate John’s leadership and friendship. I highly recommend John Ross to anyone looking for success and results in their equipment reliability improvement initiatives."

– Gary Rigdon, CMRP


“Dr. Ross’ mastery of Maintenance and Reliability Strategies allows him to communicate these complicated ideas in a style and manner that are easily comprehended and retained. This has given me the ability to successfully and seamlessly implement M&R processes versus just having theoretical knowledge of their uses. I look forward to continuing my educational journey of M&R with the guidance and teachings of Dr. Ross.”

- Brian Peeler, Maintenance Supervisor, CMRP
Thomas Built Buses, Inc.


"In my journey to become a Reliability professional, I had the pleasure of getting to know John Ross. He really sparked something in me that had laid dormant for a while through his high energy presentation style. Over time I have learned a lot from John and continue to do so. I believe he has really been an influential guide in my growth and understanding in my profession."

- Steve Baumgartner, CMRP, CRL, CPMM


"Using his vast knowledge and experience (along with a good dose of humor), John was able to keep the attention and focus of myself and many others when teaching about maintenance & Reliability Management.  He made the classroom feel as though it were a one-on-one discussion, and taught with a modest authority.  I look forward to utilizing his expertise in consultation someday within my own organization to further drive improvement efforts.  One of the best instructors I've ever had!"

- Joel Skags


*NOTE:  This is a review of my book

“This book is fantastic.  It is very easy to read and has a lot of parts that require input.  Really neat concept.  Chapter summaries help reinforce the important concepts.  Well thought out and well written.”

- Mark Ellis, Reliability Solutions Engineer