Technical Skills Needs and Gap Analysis

If you are a maintenance and reliability professional of any seriousness, you cannot be deaf to the decades of skill depletion in our trades.  It is likely that you cannot engage in a single meeting of your peers without grieving the status of the lack of skill in the skilled trades.  When are we going to do something about this?  Should we wait longer to address this, or should you take action now to get your organization on the road to being the cure?

Somber words indeed, but this is very real, and no one is going to come to our rescue.  We have to take action.  That’s why I’m addressing leaders on this page.  This is a serious concern and requires serious action.

Can we agree that an overwhelming number of companies are suffering from a shortage of skilled tradespeople?  It seems that the world is not ‘making’ them anymore.  You see it, you feel it.  I see it, and I feel for you.  What makes your situation worse is that the skilled trades that you do have, good people, no doubt, but those mechanics and electricians are woefully lacking in their skills.  The result is poor troubleshooting that leads to poor repairs.  Evidence of this can be seen as repeat failures and several parts required to fix a problem (a result of poor trouble shooting).

A recent world-wide survey indicated that companies more and more are seeking help to form a real skills needs assessment and from that, conduct an effective gap analysis.  This is a talent we thrive at.

We work with our valued clients to establish the skills needs that are absolutely required at their location and conduct a gap analysis to compare what your guys can do, and what they need to know how to do.  Further, we work with maintenance and reliability leaders to build a compelling case to plant and corporate leadership to properly fund the training program for the skilled trades.

Our work doesn’t stop there.  We work with these clients in need to find training within their area to close the gap, and we work to provide that training that cannot be met locally.  In all this, we work with our customers to build their skilled trades training process.  This is a game changer!

We have a passion for this.  We have the tools for this.  We have the resources to put together an incredibly useful training matrix for your organization and for developing the strategic plan to close those training gaps.  What we don’t have is you.

Call us.  Don’t wait another day.