Storeroom 5S

Get Organized

We just returned from a week’s work moving two maintenance storerooms into a brand new facility.  Here is the litmus test for your spare parts.  If your spare parts is:  directly in support of a plant asset, completely serviceable, and the part is complete in its components, then it can come into your storeroom.  If the answer to any of those three criteria is ‘no,’ then it doesn’t come in and get stocked.  We have absolutely got to STOP storing items in the maintenance storeroom that:  are not in direct support of a plant asset, are damaged or diminished beyond serviceability, or are incomplete, meaning that ‘we’ cannibalized some element off a complete part assembly.  If you are violating any of these basic principles, contact us immediately, and let’s get on the path to an effective and efficient storeroom.

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