Preventive Maintenance Plan

It’s very likely, if you’ve come to this page, you have real concerns and frustrations with your current Preventive Maintenance Plan practices and execution.  If you’re honest, and you should be, your customer – production, does not view your Preventive Maintenance Plan as value added. It is indeed likely that production views almost all scheduled PMs as a nuisance and an interruption to productivity.

The good news?  You are not alone.

Most companies are stuck with inefficient and ineffective preventive maintenance plan strategies and programs.  This current-state leaves plant and facility managers to ask, “Who PM’d this last?” when referencing a recent breakdown.  That is actually the ‘rub’, as might be said.  The problem boils down to components not lasting through their next scheduled PM.

In effect, your preventive maintenance plan should assure productoin that a technician’s signature on a PM work order, is their certified guarantee that the component they just PM’d (pardon the phrase) will indeed last through the next PM, barring any catastrophic incident (i.e. being hit by a fork truck).

Does this series of figures reflect the results of your preventive maintenance plan?


preventive maintenance plan


Figure 1:  This is a schematic of your facility and the equipment in the facility


preventive maintenance plan stage 2


Figure 2:  These ‘dots’ represent the all the PMs conducted on your equipment each week, month, and year


preventive maintenance plan stage 3


Figure 3:  These ‘circles’ represent the components that fail while in production


You are undoubtedly suffering the same symptom that thousands of others are suffering through.  The very components you are ‘touching’ through weekly (sometimes ‘weakly’), monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual PMs are literally breaking while in production.  This was prophesized by Nolan and Heap during their benchmark research that became today’s RCM.  The very things you are inspecting are the things that are breaking.

Be honest…is this you? 

We are going to work together to get your Preventive Maintenance delivering the results that are essential for good maintenance and reliability.

Your preventive maintenance plan is going to extend the responsibility for proactive maintenance beyond the maintenance department.  All agencies, and associates will understand how, what, when, where they are needed and expected to ensure your equipment delivers on its value promise.  The role of everyone, and I mean everyone, in your organization is to guard the inherent reliability of your assets.  These assets, you see, are literally printing the paychecks of everyone in you plant.  If that were truly the case, wouldn’t the storeroom, or accounts payable be a little more interest in supporting the preventive maintenance plan?

All seven types of preventive maintenance are discussed, dissected, scrutinized, and enhanced through our ‘tailor-made for you’ Preventive Maintenance Plan development.  The seven types of preventive maintenance:

  • Servicing
  • Installation/replacement
  • Calibration
  • Alignment
  • Adjustment
  • Inspection
  • Lubrication

During a successful Preventive Maintenance Plan development, it is virtually impossible not to include a frank and open conversation about storeroom support for the assets.  That discussion should be welcomed and expected.

Maintenance Innovators, Inc. has over thirty-six years of experience building and executing highly effective and efficient preventive maintenance plans.  Preventive maintenance is the singularly most important responsibility of maintenance.

Call or email now and let us work with you as a valued partner to build a Preventive Maintenance Plan and practice that delivers the much needed guarding of your asset’s inherent reliability.  The results of your PMs should be the number one input into your planning and scheduling.  Let’s get that done!  Your first step is a call away.