Predictive Maintenance PdM

Most maintenance and reliability professionals seek advice and assistance on predictive maintenance PdM initially for only tactical reasons.  It is likely that you’re here because you believe predictive maintenance PdM will somehow improve your proactive program.  And by all rights it should.  After all, isn’t it more advantageous to detect a ‘hot’ bearing through thermal imaging well before that bearing is literally on fire?  Of course it is.  The point in this introductory paragraph is to establish that a tactical first-look at predictive maintenance PdM is a poor substitute for the strategic establishment of need, practice, resources, and results…not only for today but for ten years from today as well.  Predictive Maintenance PdM must be approached through the strategic goal of enhancing proactive maintenance.  It, PdM, is the logical extension of a solid PM program and is usually approached through effective utilization of a PMO methodology.

You have no doubt discovered that Predictive Maintenance PdM is expensive.  Contracting this service out is costly, so is supporting it in-house.  The worst way to adopt a predictive approach is to think that you ‘have to.’  The compelling angle is to develop a strategy that clearly lays out the path to Predictive Maintenance PdM as the best means to determine equipment and component conditions.  The ensuing maintenance can be discussed, prioritized and agreed to well in advance of the actual need.  ISO 55000, Asset Management, would consider this the highest level of data driven decision making.

Our approach:

  • Determine the current proactive maturity of an organization
  • Determine when and where predictive technologies best fit
  • Utilize the PMO methodology to focus the cost-benefit analysis
  • Develop an execution strategy
  • Help clients vet outside contractors for this service, or develop the skills internally, if desired

Maintenance Innovators, Inc. has over thirty-six years of experience building and executing highly effective and efficient predictive maintenance PdM programs.  Predictive maintenance is often synonymous with Condition Based Maintenance.  This practice is the launching pad for the digital transformation of your factory and the cornerstone of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

Call or email now and let us work with you as a valued partner to build a Predictive Maintenance practice that enhances your proactive approach to maintenance and reliability.  The results of your proactive efforts should be the number one input into your planning and scheduling.  Let’s get that done!  Your first step is a call away.