Getting the Most-est for the Least-est

Exceptionally high performing maintenance organizations have several characteristics in common:

  • A high proportion of their work is preventive in nature
  • They migrate from preventive to predictive
  • The majority of their work is planned and scheduled in advance
  • The consequence of failures is minimized if not totally eliminated

Does this describe your organization?

Much of our work in maintenance and reliability is recognized on the ‘books’ as cost avoidance.  To what degree are we working in a structured and strategic manner to ‘avoid’ costs?

World-Class maintenance organizations can and do develop processes to direct the effort as a means to reduce maintenance costs by 3% per year.

PM-PdM and Planning and Scheduling are the keys to getting out of the costly reactive maintenance trap and gaining control of the reliability work.

Maintenance Innovators, Inc. will help you to deliver cost savings, cost avoidance, and, in general, turn your maintenance organization into an ‘asset’ that can help generate income.  Our processes help to reduce the amount of planned and unplanned downtime through an aggressive review and restructure of preventive maintenance activities.  We utilize a form of preventive maintenance optimization that is most effective for your organization.  Additionally, your storeroom should deliver on the promise to have the right part, at the right time, and in the right quantity.

Let Maintenance Innovators work for you to get the most-est for the least-est!