Maintenance And Reliability Solutions

Maintenance and reliability are core value drivers for any business. The role of maintenance is to maintain the reliability of the asset.

Maintenance and reliability are core value drivers for any business. Assets arrive at our facilities with inherent reliability. That inherent reliability is predicated on how well the machine was designed, built, and installed. Once it is in operation, you can’t ‘maintain’ more reliability into it than it has inherently. So, the primary role of maintenance is to maintain the inherent reliability of the asset.

Lean Manufacturing and Lean Maintenance

Our approach to evaluating systems and processes (even maintenance activities) is to conduct a product process flow and/or a value stream map. Once the current state is clearly identified, we can start analyzing where the client’s talents can be better used, and where they are negatively impacted by the traditional seven forms of waste:

  • Over Production
  • Waiting
  • Transporting
  • Over Processing
  • Inventory
  • Excess Motion
  • Defects

Overall Equipment Reliability

Reliability is an equipment-centric definition and means that the machine does what it’s supposed to do when it’s supposed to do it, for as long as it’s supposed to do it. With this functional definition in mind, equipment reliability has to be gauged in MTBF, or Mean Time Between Failure. Our approach is to develop extremely passionate clients determined to increase the MTBF of an asset and its components.

Maintenance and Reliability Process Development

There are 10 primary maintenance processes and 32 primary storeroom processes. The maintenance and storeroom organizations must follow a process designed to ‘lead’ to excellence in order to be consistent and consistently successful. To that end, Maintenance Innovators, Inc., has developed templates for each of these processes.

Our niche is using these templates as a guide, and tailoring effective processes to meet your capabilities and culture. A process is designed to give us a clear and efficient route to what we want to accomplish. This means a process has to be documented (written down) and everyone trained in that process.

This is what we do!

Maintenance and Reliability Auditing And Strategic Planning

We deploy a very basic and repeatable process for developing, fielding, and coaching a successful maintenance strategy. We start with a comprehensive audit of abilities and opportunities. That is followed up with a strategy meeting where we deploy the Balanced Score Card tool. In short, our approach is guaranteed to link corporate financial and performance objectives with product and service creation and continued support.

Maintenance Training Strategy Development

Our approach to maintenance training is to develop a complete listing of what a skilled worker needs to know to work in your operation. To complete the initial work, a gap analysis is conducted and reported. These gaps are what we need our training program to ‘close,’ and this takes time and a structured approach. Our training development strategy concludes with a step-by-step plan to close this knowledge gap. Importantly, this is just as applicable for operators as for maintenance.

Maintenance Innovators Has Solutions

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