ISO 55000 Asset Management


Make no mistake, you’re in the midst of asset management. Either your organization is driving the effort through the adaptation of a formal process such as ISO 55000 or you’re winging it on your own. My experience tells me that it is the latter.

ISO 55000 lays out the mandate for the organizational leaders to first determine what assets will actually be included in the formal asset management process. From there, the organization has a responsibility to engage the stakeholders in all asset management decisions. These stakeholders include, but are not limited to: relevant government agencies (EPA for example), employees, and customers. Stop for a minute and think about what a dramatic change that would be. ISO 55000 states that the customer will have a voice in determining how your company intends on operating and maintaining it’s physical assets now, and into the future.

Why do you think that is? It might be because they are currently the victims of what ever asset management plan we have now. ISO 55000 is geared to take the victim-hood out of the process of asset management by engaging those who are most affected by the performance and longevity of the asset and their performance in providing products and services.

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