Blog Post About Food Processing Improvement


Most manufacturing companies tend to divide asset availability between the production and the maintenance department.  Food manufacturing facilities have to consider one other critical agency – sanitation.  The algebra just became more complex.  For general manufacturing: P(roduction) + M(aintenance) = 24 hrs/day.  Food manufacturers face this mathematical reality:  P + M + S(anitation) =24 hrs/day.  The solution to each group having asset availability to accomplish their work requires a different way of looking at the puzzle.  As a career maintenance professional, I never approached the problem by thinking, “how can I get the machine longer?”  But rather, “What can I do with the machine when I have it?”  If all three groups, production, maintenance, and sanitation, work independently to be more efficient and more effective while ‘they’ have the machine; and, work interdependently when handing the asset over to the next group then we have a better chance to get more accomplished in the same 24 hrs/day that we’ve always had.

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