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Maintenance and Reliability - Our Process Services

Most manufacturing companies tend to divide asset availability between the production and the maintenance department.  Food manufacturing facilities have to consider one other critical agency – sanitation.  The algebra just became more complex.  For general manufacturing: P(roduction) + M(aintenance) = 24 hrs/day.  Food manufacturers face this mathematical reality:  P + M + S(anitation) =24 hrs/day.  The solution to each group having asset availability to accomplish their work requires a different way of looking at the puzzle.  As a career maintenance professional, I never approached the problem by thinking, “how can I get the machine longer?”  But rather, “What can I do with the machine when I have it?”  If all three groups, production, maintenance, and sanitation, work independently to be more efficient and more effective while ‘they’ have the machine; and, work interdependently when handing the asset over to the next group then we have a better chance to get more accomplished in the same 24 hrs/day that we’ve always had.

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