Asset Management – ISO 55000

Asset Management - ISO 55000

If the successful operation of your company demands the effect and efficient utilization of physical assets, then you need an Assess Management practice.  If that is indeed the case, wouldn’t it be in your organization’s best interest, wouldn’t it make all the sense in the world to build your asset management practice the best way possible?  That’s a rhetorical question.  Of course it makes sense.

Whether you subscribe to a formal asset management approach such as ISO 55000 or not, every organization that depends on assets to make products or provide services is engaged in asset management.  Let our experience work to your benefit.

Maintenance Innovators, Inc. has vast experience in helping clients develop an asset management system that is fiscally and operationally beneficial to their organization.  We start by:

  • Deriving an asset management policy from the organizational plan
  • Facilitating the development of asset management objectives, and
  • Creating a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)
  • Establishing maintenance and storeroom practices, activities, and processes

We work towards better asset performance and life cycle costs for our clients.  If your organization could benefit from a formal approach to asset management, consider our experience as a tool for you to use.  If your company is considering a formal ISO 55000 certification, we can help.  If you just want to get your hands and budgets around the future relevance of your assets, let us be of service.

Call us and let us work for you today.