About Us

Maintenance Innovators, Inc. was founded in 2007, initially as an ‘idea’ which quickly grew into a passion.  The emphasis behind the company is that maintenance and reliability are a core value driver to any business.  But nobody knows that or seems to care.  We are well into the second decade of the 21st century and its time to alter our view of this critical aspect of our organizational existence.  We need to recognize maintenance and reliability as a true profession.  And, those in maintenance and reliability need to start acting like it.

In order for Maintenance Innovators, Inc. to add value, in order for any of our associates to be of aide and assistance, we first realized that we needed to become students of the craft.  A truly high level of executable maintenance and reliability is part science and part social application.  There are a lot of moving parts.  Inside of all the activities lies the truth that there are fundamentals that can be taught, mentored and learned.  World-class is the execution of the fundamentals, consistently, at the highest level.  We had to learn and hone the fundamentals.  And we did.

Through the years, since the founding days, the principal and associates of Maintenance Innovators, Inc. have gone from practitioners of maintenance and reliability practices to greatly sought, and highly regarded leaders in the industry of maintenance and reliability consulting and training.

Our opportunities have taken us around the world and throughout almost all industries.  We continue to lead companies in the right direction by working to customize their approach and execution of the fundamentals of good maintenance and reliability.

Our associates have published multiple articles in trade magazines, white papers and blogs.  John Ross is the authored of popular strategy development workbook “The Reliability Excellence Workbook, From Ideas to Action.”

Our passion remains strong, and the initial ‘idea’ from which our company grew continues to point us in the direction that returns growth and understanding for our clients and our team.


John Ross - Owner

John Ross has been a practitioner of maintenance and reliability for over three decades.  He is former Captain in the United States Air Force, a Distinguished Graduate of both the Aircraft Maintenance Officer School and the Squadron Officer School.  John is a Gulf War veteran and a former commander of the F-111F Field Training Detachment.  John has been recognized as a distinguished public speaker, technical writer, and presenter.  He is a former college instructor, having taught 7 semesters of undergraduate and 3 semesters of graduate classes.  John is a charter member of the Lake Huron Toast Masters Association.  He is a published author, and was acknowledged in Dale Brown’s fiction work, Chains of Command, for providing exceptional technical support.  John’s military and civilian career have taken him to all 50 U.S. states, 29 foreign countries and 5 continents. 

John is the creator of the well-publicized Storeroom Map, Storeroom Potential Savings Calculator, and the Stock-Don’t Stock Decision Tree.  John also serves as the principal instructor for North Carolina State University’s Maintenance and Reliability Management diploma series.

John is the seasoned author of numerous magazine publications on the subject of reliability as well as hosting webinars, podcasts, and authoring many relevant blogs.  In 2018, John’s book The Reliability Excellence Workbook:  From Ideas to Action was published by Industrial Press and was quickly Amazon’s #1 New Release.  John has been honored to speak before audiences on the subject of reliability, to include invitations from:  the IMC Annual Conference, Smithfield Foods Annual Engineering Conference, SMRP Annual Conference, and the Annual Poultry Protein Seminar and Keynote Speaker at the MicroMain Annual User’s Conference.  John’s industrial experience includes:  aviation, aeronautics, manufacturing, transportation, marine, food manufacturing, mining, facilities maintenance, utilities, power generation and distribution, oil, gas, ethanol, chemical plants, and natural gas.  John is a certified Lean Manufacturing facilitator, Process Safety Management SME, and a CMRP.  John holds a U.S. Patent, an A.S., B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.

John started Maintenance Innovators, Inc. in 2007.


Mary Jo Ross - Business Development Manager

Mary Jo Richards is the owner of MJ Executive Consulting LLC and a business coach for Level 6.  As a small business transformation coach, she helps business owners visualize a future where they are empowered with the proper tools and understanding to reach a place where they can profitably sell their business, retire, or free up time to spend as they’ve always wanted.  Outside of her work with Maintenance Innovators, Inc., her passion is with helping female business owners.

She works intimately with each client to tailor a strategy around eight different aspects of business (energy leadership, strategic direction, money, brand, people/accountability, delivery/operations, sales and marketing (lead generation). This systematic approach helps determine the stability and maturity of their business as well provide a gap analysis of their organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Together, she and her clients create a path to the client’s future. What makes Mary Jo the business coach of first choice is that she realizes each client’s path is personal.

Mary Jo’s business savvy began with specialized focus on oncology and medical education, reimbursement, and advocacy, Mary Jo has led the way toward better healthcare, providers delivering better patient care, and our government passing laws to strengthen patient care regulations.

With a background in communication and public relations, and through her work with mental health, hospice, and for the American Cancer Society, Mary Jo has grown into one of our nation’s most recognized oncology industry advocates.

In 2008, Mary Jo formed MJ Executive Management Inc. where she served as Executive Director for six state oncology societies:

  • Alabama Cancer Congress
  • Louisiana Oncology Society
  • Oklahoma Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Society of Utah Medical Oncologists
  • Mississippi Oncology Society
  • Idaho Society of Clinical Oncology

She also assisted the Binaytara Foundation with its national and international conferences as was the Administrative Officer of Cure-One (Molecular Evidence Development Consortium), a national nonprofit.