You have been working to make maintenance and reliability a core value to your company

You have invested time, money and sweat, with sometimes little to show for the effort

The key processes are, and have always been a solid Preventive Maintenance Plan, execution of a Preventive Maintenance Optimization PMO effort, Predictive Maintenance PdM, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, and Storeroom Management

We build high-performing processes in these key areas

We do this all around the world

Let us work for you to have…

Reliability on Purpose

The 'BIG' Three

We are asked almost daily, “Where do we even start?”  As we strive to provide top-value maintenance and reliability training and floor-level consulting around the world, our answer is uniquely the same.  The fundamentals.

  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Maintenance Storeroom Management

Regardless of your country, your language, your industry, if you don’t master these BIG Three fundamentals, you will be living the maintenance and reliability life you are living right now.  Forever.

How can we work together?

Maintenance Innovators, Inc. as a maintenance and reliability company is ready to help you succeed in the arena of sustainable maintenance and reliability mastery.  We didn’t invent it, but with well over three decades of practical experience, literally writing the book on the subject, and executing these theories and practices around the world, in every conceivable industry…we feel that we would make a great team together.

Here are the practices in which you will excel in both execution and results in partnership with Maintenance Innovators, Inc.  Some are fundamental, some are sustaining:

  • Preventive Maintenance Plan (fundamental)
  • Preventive Maintenance Optimization Process (sustaining)
  • Predictive Maintenance PdM (fundamental)
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (fundamental)
  • Maintenance Storeroom Management (fundamental)
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance Principles (sustaining)
  • OSHA Process Safety Management PSM (sustaining)
  • Maintenance and Reliability (sustaining)

Here is the obvious next question.  Are you likely to get closer to your goal and vision the longer you wait to call?  Contact us now and let us start working for you today!

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We’ve recently returned from a storeroom optimization project that was very well executed and greatly celebrated by our client.  Our client is an international company with six operating locations in the U.S.  The scope was for Maintenance Innovators to literally move spare parts (rotating equipment) from a field to a warehouse.  Our job was to physically move the items, clean them as best we could, put them in the storeroom in some logical layout, and to record the nameplate data on the parts, and create a log of item number and part particulars.  We did this all in five days.

This was just a remarkable operation by our team, and the client’s resources.  This was the first step in what I hope will be a continuing effort by this client to take this time to get serious about spare parts.  I can assure you that rotating equipment, actually, any material and parts out in the field are of questionable reliability, and it gets worse with every rainfall. 

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Working with you to build exceptional maintenance and reliability processes that deliver productivity gains and safety improvements!

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Creating high performing storerooms that have the right part, at the right time, and in the right quantity!

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